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There you go for icons. :-)

I'm really busy with work and I'm finally moving with my girlfriend to another city, well we're just waiting to get internet there actually but it's coming. I think next week I'll finally be there. :-)

Anywoo, I'm not posting often here but if you want more news, I'm often posting on twitter: and on flickr:…

Thanks and take care guys!
Here you go!…

Don't forget to follow me on twitter since I'm not really active here anymore: or check out my flickr:…

Have fun!
Last post was around Christmas, errrr. Well actually, I kinda moved onto other things than Deviantart. I use twitter a lot (here's my twitter : ) and I opened a blog thanks to tumblr some weeks ago : . Then you also have my flickr that i try to update every moment I can. But if you follow me on twitter (and I'd be glad to meet you guys there!) you can pretty much know what I do, what I like, etc... so it's really cool. :-)

More general news: lots of things happened since Christmas. I've lots of projects, worked on Delicious Library iPhone with the amazing Mischa McLachlan (who is going to work for Apple btw, congrats my friend!) and I met a girl a month from now and we're having lots of fun... and that keeps me away from my computer more often than ever hahaha.

I'm trying to learn 3D with Cinema4D, bought books and dvd so I'll try to make big icons with this amazing tool. I'm just a bit busy with work and life right now (I think this is really cool) and I can now say I'm pretty much happy about my life. :)

So well, if you want more updates: follow me on twitter or check out my blog. :)

Until next journal entry... lulz! :D
Woha it's been ages I've not written anything here...

Well I've been busy with life, I've stopped school almost 2 months ago and I'm now a full time Icon Designer. Very happy about that situation and I get to work a lot. So everything is fine.

I've been working on an application called Crossroads back in April with Louka Desroziers, an amazing cocoa coder (Total Tunes Control) and I'm happy to say that Crossroads is becoming a reality. I'm tweeting from it since 2 or 3 weeks. Still lots of work to do but we're working hard on it. No Instant Messaging support for v1.0, it's too much work for now and we want to release the application with some web 2.0 services first and then add the IM features for v 2.0.

About my icons. I'm working a lot for clients (that's my job now after all!) BUT I've made some weeks ago a little set of 32x32 for a website that should release them for free soon.

I'm also personally working on a system set and I won't show anything until I'm done with it. All I can say is that it's called "ididit!" haha. I'll definitely finish and release it... one day I swear on my mouse. ;)

I've updated a bit my website ( with some new icons shown there I made for clients. But a big update is coming up in the next few weeks I hope!

I hope you guys have fun with your family for christmas!
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I work for Extendmac since August and I'm now pleased to announce that the new website is up and running :

Flow 1.1 is also available so give it a try please !

Thanks and we have lots of new projects to work on now ! :)
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A friend sent me this link :…

I was "oh wow nice that's me there haha !".
Yeah finally !

I'm waiting to receive the whole stuff. Ahhhh macbook, you've been nice for 2 years but now I can't do anything with you anymore, you're too old !

I'm back at school but only for 4 months (3 months and 10 days from now exactly) until January 09.

January 09 = Full-time Icon / UI Design job and I just can't bloody wait.
I've seen it yesterday with a close friend ( ). This movie is definitely the best Batman ever made and we were blown away each time we saw The Joker (Heath Ledger). It's a shame this man died so young.

Anyway, I'm still really busy with clients (you'll probably see some of my works in upcoming mac applications) but all the Batman stuff gave me some ideas and I decided to work on something a bit fun with my "In-Real-Life" friend Evin ( ). :)

Alrighty, I'm off to the groceries 'cos I need food to eat.
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I think it's time to change the last depressive entry for a more happier one. So here it is : LULZ ROFLCOPTER LMAONAISE LOLLERCOASTER.

Nah seriously i'm really busy these days with clients. Got some big projects and works with companies. I've also been busy with redesigning a whole personal project called Crossroads, an IM and Web 2.0 service application for mac OS X that you guys might have seen on my flickr. Well new UI coming up for it and it looks damn hawt ! YEAH LULZ ! Just need to code that damn application and it's all good.

About the drives I'll try to release the drives as soon as possible. Better be done with clients first I guess... And since I need a new mac as soon as possible... I know i know I'm a teaser slut and bitch.

About the Minium Tribute thing, I know some people didn't like the fact that nothing was available to download and didn't understand why I put a slutty (as always) teaser here. It was just a way for me to say that this icons set isn't dead and should maybe come back (not from me though) really soon thanks to a very talented guy called Jonas Rask. All of you might know him more or less. I hope Sascha gives him permission but I think they'll be released one day !

That's it I guess. I think. Maybe. Probably. And a last interesting note :

That sums up everything pretty much yeah.

Can't wait for this fucking school year to end so I can leave everything behind me and start some kind of a new life sharing moments with new faces in front of me and around me.

Final exams in less than 10 days and I don't give a fuck about them nor I care about school anymore, well at least for this year. In September something new and exciting is waiting for me, but right now I'm :

bored, tired, screwed up, fucking lonely and angry [at myself].

Oh and I made that some days ago but I'm sure you've already seen it :…

I'll try to finish the drives as soon as possible... I've been crawling under clients these past few weeks and the worst thing is that I don't even feel like working for them these days. Sucks ass to be me.

Oh and please people, stop asking for Salsa I know you guys can't wait and I've been acting like some kind of a bastard with the teasers and all but over here the excitement for this set is down due to depression and I hate it for so many reasons.

I hate the skills I had back then, I've known new things meanwhile I was working on it, new knowledges and so on and I hate how I designed them too. I've been working on Salsa for more than three months, three fucking months where I saw them almost everyday on my desktop with messy .psd files and got already tired of them before starting the teasers' things.

I must say that one of the reason I'm tired of this set is because of my old macbook. I can't work properly on this fucking machine anymore. I can't work with many layers nor with big files.
A poor Core Duo 2Ghz with 2GB RAM is not enough for me anymore and when I open my .psd files with Salsa icons in them : It's taking ages to load and I just close them right away after I see the horrible and monstrously icons I've created.

In fact I made a mistake and I can only blame myself on this one : I created three big .psd files -> Folders.psd , Sidebar.psd and Extras.psd with all the icons in them (including all the sizes). This is the worst thing I've ever done considering the fact that I've a poor macbook here but I thought it would be okay. It also crashed a lot lately.

So I've three options left for Salsa (I'l start a poll soon) :

1) I don't release anything and I'm so sorry. But expect a new set later.

2) I force myself to release an incomplete set of icons and that'd be one of the worst thing I've ever done. That'd be definitely a failure for me even if I decide to make more icons later.

3) You wait until I get a new mac which I'm trying to get soon (that's why i'm crawling under clients works). I'm aiming a mac pro so I can have an awesome machine and clean all the mess I've made with my .psd files. And I'll create from scratch the set with better and similar design. And of course some kind of a restitution for my sanity.

I'm so sorry to disappoint everyone (including me) on this.

Coming soon.
I've been accepted in the multimedia school I was looking for.

Hell yeah.
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Free Tibet.…

And boycott Beijing Olympics 2008.
latest of my favorites………

support ART.

bye :)

thanks for reading :)
See here :…

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Okay I know the title sounds weird but I've just wanted to say something to you guys.
From my past journal entry I've received a lot of feedbacks and that really touched me (see here if you want : ) . Thank you guys !

But I've another *announcement* to make and I'll ask you some questions :

- Do you think that Salsa is going to be released "alone" ?

- If something even bigger and totally awesome came along with Salsa, what would be your guess ?

I guess that's it. I've had another question in mind but it would unveil the whole thing so i'll stop right here. I know I'm such a teaser... :)

Check out my flickr for more icons previews… .
Since I've posted more "screenshots icons" over my flickr (here by the way :… )about my upcoming replacement set called "Salsa". I just wanted to know how much you guys are waiting for them.

By the way, these past few days (well since yesterday actually) I've been rushing the making of the icons a lot so you can expect them sooner than I expected.

No that's not teasing by the way... ;)
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If you want to see more updates about icons and all that stuff, check my flickr over here :… :)
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Long time I've not released something... Here you go, "Alarm" Icon for everyone ! :)
Yeah there's nothing new here for a while I know and there won't have any for a while.

I guess this is where I'm supposed to say that life's cruel and how much I hate it, and of course how much I hate mine. Sickness is crumbling me again since weeks... well actually since years. But it suddenly came back 2 weeks ago and I'm afraid I can't stand on my feet again from it.

Moreover I've just lost my Great Uncle tonight and I'm afraid I'll lose my Great Aunt in some days too... She might probably commit suicide any time from now since I know she can't / won't bear the death of her husband. Who would anyway ?

I just don't feel like fighting both sickness and death anymore. Really.